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Tilt & Swivel Arm Wall Mount for HDTVs 23 - 37 in.

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Tilt & Swivel Arm Wall Mount for HDTVs 23 - 37 in.
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Cheetah Mounts LCD Arm Wall Mount for 23-37" Black

  • Fits most 23"-37" TVs
  • Hole Pattern Coverage: Up to 8" x 8"
  • Max Extension: 21.25", Min Depth 4.75"
  • Max Capacity: 65lbs
  • 20 degree Up/Down Tilt and 180 degree swivel
  • The ALAML 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 100x200mm, 200x200mm VESA arm mount provides up to 21" of extension, collapses to less than 4", has 180 degrees of rotation and +/- 15 degrees of tilt. The ALAML mount is constructed with 8LBS of 100% High Grade Steel providing a sturdy and reliable mount. The ALAML uses separate cover pieces for the wall plate and pivot joints providing a clean finished look. The ALAML mount will fit the majority of LCD Displays up to 37". Most LCD Displays 37" and smaller conform to the VESA Standards. The tilt mechanism utilizes a "one touch" design allowing an individual user to adjust the angle with one hand while locking the angle of tilt with the other.

    Note: This item can only be shipped Standard Mail Option, not Second Day or Overnight.

    Product Compatibility for:
    Tilt & Swivel Arm Wall Mount for HDTVs 23 - 37 in.
     › AOC Envision 23 inch HDTV
     › AOC Envision 24 inch HDTV
     › AOC Envision 26 inch HDTV
     › Dynex 24 inch HDTV
     › Dynex 40 inch HDTV
     › Haier 26 inch HDTV
     › HannsG 23 inch HDTV
     › HannsG 24 inch HDTV
     › HannsG 25 inch HDTV
     › HannsG 28 inch HDTV
     › HANNspree 42 inch HDTV
     › Insignia 26 inch HDTV
     › Insignia 32 inch HDTV
     › Insignia 37 inch HDTV
     › LG 22 inch HDTV
     › LG 26 inch HDTV
     › LG 32 inch HDTV
     › LG 37 inch HDTV
     › LG 42 inch HDTV
     › LG 47 inch HDTV
     › Panasonic 19 inch HDTV
     › Panasonic 24 inch HDTV
     › Panasonic 32 inch HDTV
     › Panasonic 37 inch HDTV
     › Panasonic 42 inch HDTV
     › Panasonic 47 inch HDTV
     › Philips 19 inch HDTV
     › Philips 22 inch HDTV
     › Philips 32 inch HDTV
     › RCA 22 inch HDTV
     › RCA 26 inch HDTV
     › RCA 32 inch HDTV
     › Samsung 19 inch HDTV
     › Samsung 22 inch HDTV
     › Samsung 23 inch HDTV
     › Samsung 25 inch HDTV
     › Samsung 26 inch HDTV
     › Samsung 27 inch HDTV
     › Samsung 32 inch HDTV
     › Samsung 37 inch HDTV
     › Samsung 39 inch HDTV
     › Samsung 40 inch HDTV
     › Sceptre 23 inch HDTV
     › Sceptre 24 inch HDTV
     › Sceptre 32 inch HDTV
     › Sceptre 42 inch HDTV
     › Sharp 26 inch HDTV
     › Sharp 32 inch HDTV
     › Sony 22 inch HDTV
     › Sony 24 inch HDTV
     › Sony 32 inch HDTV
     › Sony 37 inch HDTV
     › Toshiba 19 inch HDTV
     › Toshiba 22 inch HDTV
     › Toshiba 24 inch HDTV
     › Toshiba 26 inch HDTV
     › Toshiba 32 inch HDTV
     › Toshiba 37 inch HDTV
     › Toshiba 40 inch HDTV
     › Toshiba 47 inch HDTV
     › ViewSonic 23 inch HDTV
     › ViewSonic 24 inch HDTV
     › ViewSonic 26 inch HDTV
     › ViewSonic 28 inch HDTV
     › Vizio 16 inch HDTV
     › Vizio 19 inch HDTV
     › Vizio 22 inch HDTV
     › Vizio 23 inch HDTV
     › Vizio 24 inch HDTV
     › Vizio 26 inch HDTV
     › Vizio 32 inch HDTV
     › Vizio 37 inch HDTV
     › Vizio 39 inch HDTV
     › Vizio 42 inch HDTV
     › Vizio 47 inch HDTV
     › Westinghouse 24 inch HDTV
     › Westinghouse 26 inch HDTV

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