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POWERMAT Home & Office Mat

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POWERMAT Home & Office Mat
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POWERMAT Home & Office Mat

This is the charging station you always dreamed of. One cord, one mat, one place to charge all your handheld devices. The Home & Office mat uses magnetic induction and Powermat proprietary technology to charge your handheld devices quickly, efficiently, and wirelessly. Connect your device(s) to a Powermat receiver -- either the Powercube or a dedicated receiver -- and place it on the Powermat surface to start charging.

Meet the Powercube

The Home and Office mat comes fully equipped with the Powercube Universal Receiver-the ultimate adapter solution that can charge 1,000s of devices including Kindles, eReaders, digital Kodak cameras, Bluetooth headsets, handheld game players, many many cell phone brands and models and more. The Powercube replaces all of those individual power adapters and allows you to charge them all with a single solution.

Room for More

Charge everything in one place. The Home & Office Mat can charge 3 Powermat-enabled devices at the same time, as fast as, or faster than with the original adapter. A fourth device can charged via the USB port on the rear of the Mat.

Universal Power Adapter (100-240VAC)

Powermat was developed to promote convenience among business travelers, families, students, office workers and anyone who utilizes multiple electronic devices. Powermat power supplies are universal and work from 100-240VAC.

Product Compatibility for:
POWERMAT Home & Office Mat
 › Amazon Kindle
       2nd generation
 › Apple iPhone
       8GB (1st generation)
       16GB (1st generation)
 › Apple iPod
       Classic (4th Generation)
       Classic (Photo)
       Classic (Video - 5th Generation)
       Classic (6th Generation)
       Nano (1G, 2G, 3G)
       Nano (4G)
       Nano (5G)
       Touch (1G)
       Touch (2G)
       Touch (3G)
 › Barnes & Noble Nook
       Nook 1st Edition
 › BlackBerry 6000 series
 › BlackBerry 7000 series
 › BlackBerry Pearl
       8220 Flip
       8230 Flip
 › BlackBerry Curve
 › BlackBerry 8700 series
 › BlackBerry 8800 series
 › BlackBerry Bold
 › BlackBerry Storm
 › BlackBerry Tour
 › Casio Exilim M series
 › Casio Exilim P series
 › Casio Exilim S series
 › Casio Exilim V series
 › Casio Exilim Z series
 › Creative Nomad
       Jukebox Zen NX
       Jukebox Zen Xtra
 › Garmin Colorado
 › Garmin dezl
 › Garmin Edge
 › Garmin nuvi
 › Garmin StreetPilot
 › Garmin Zumo
       910 Business Messenger
 › HTC Pocket PC
       Advantage 7501 (Athena / T-Mobile MDA Ameo)
       P3470 (Pharos)
       P3600 (Trinity)
       P4350 (Herald 100)
       TyTN (Hermes / P4500 / AT&T 8525)
       TyTN II (Kaiser / 8925 / P4550 / AT&T Tilt)
 › HTC Smartphone
       MTeoR (Breeze)
       S310 (Oxygen)
       S522 (S511/Snap)
       S620 (S621 / Excalibur / T-Mobile Dash)
       S710 (Vox)
       T-Mobile Shadow 2
 › HTC Touch series
       MAX 4G
       T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream)
       T-Mobile G2 Touch (HTC Hero)
       Touch (P3450 / Elf / XV6900)
       Touch 3G
       Touch Cruise (Polaris / P3650)
       Touch Dual (P5500 / Nike)
       Touch Diamond (P3700)
       Touch Diamond2
       Touch HD
       Touch Pro (Fuze)
       Touch Pro2
       Touch Viva
 › Kodak EasyShare-ONE series
       4 MP
       6 MP
 › Kodak EasyShare DX series
       DX6490 Zoom
 › Kodak EasyShare LS series
 › Kodak EasyShare M series
       M893 IS
       M1073 IS
       M1093 IS
 › Kodak EasyShare P series
       P712 Zoom
       P850 Zoom
       P880 Zoom
 › Kodak EasyShare V series
 › Kodak EasyShare Z series
 › Kodak Other models
 › LG A series
       AX260 Scoop
       AX380 Wave
       AX830 Glimmer
 › LG CB series
       CB630 Invision
 › LG CE series
 › LG CF series
 › LG CG series
 › LG CT series
       CT810 Incite
 › LG CU series
       CU575 TRAX
       CU915 Vu
       CU920 Vu
 › LG GR series
       GR500 Xenon
 › LG GT series
       GT365 Neon
 › LG KE series
       KE850 Prada
       KE970 Shine
 › LG KF series
 › LG LX series
       LX260 Rumor
       LX265 Rumor 2
       LX570 Muziq Black
       LX570 Muziq Pink
       LX600 Lotus
 › LG UX series
       UX585 Rhythm
 › LG VX series
       VX8500 Chocolate
       VX8500 Chocolate Cherry
       VX8500 Chocolate Mint
       VX8500 Chocolate Pink
       VX8500 Chocolate White
       VX8550 Chocolate Black
       VX8550 Chocolate Dark Blue
       VX8550 Chocolate Dark Red
       VX8550 Chocolate Metallic Black
       VX8560 Chocolate 3
       VX8610 Decoy
       VX8800 VENUS
       VX9100 enV2
       VX9600 Versa
       VX9700 Dare
       VX9900 enV
       VX10000 VOYAGER
       VX11000 enV Touch
 › Motorola Android Platform
       DROID (A855)
 › Motorola A series
       A455 Rival
 › Motorola iDEN series
       Stature i9
       i465 Clutch
       i856 Debut
 › Motorola KRAVE
 › Motorola KRZR
 › Motorola PEBL
 › Motorola Q series
       Q 8
       Q 9c
       Q 9h
       Q 9m
 › Motorola QA series
       QA1 Karma
       QA4 Evoke
       QA30 Hint
 › Motorola RAZR
       maxx Ve
 › Motorola RAZR2
 › Motorola RIZR
 › Motorola ROKR
 › Motorola SLVR
 › Motorola V series
       V750 Adventure
       V950 Renegade
 › Motorola VA/VE/VU series
       Tundra VA76r
 › Motorola W series
       W233 Renew
       W450 ACTV
       W766 Entice
       W835 Crush
       W845 Quantico
 › Motorola ZINE
 › Nintendo Handheld game console
       DS Lite
 › Nokia 2 series
       2605 Mirage
 › Nokia 6 series
       6500 classic
       6750 Mural
 › Nokia 7 series
       7205 Intrigue
       7705 Twist
 › Nokia 8 series
       8600 Luna
       8800 Carbon Arte
       8800 Gold Arte
 › Nokia E series
 › Nokia N series
 › Palm Smartphone
       PRE 2
       Treo 800w
       Treo PRO
 › Samsung A series
       A513 (Fin)
       A523 (Mysto)
       A747 (SLM)
       A767 (Propel)
       A827 (Access)
       A837 (Rugby)
       A867 (Eternity)
       A877 (Impression)
 › Samsung D series
       D880 DuoS
 › Samsung F series
       F480 (Tocco)
 › Samsung G series
 › Samsung i series
       i325 Ace
       i617 BlackJack II
       i627 Propel Pro
       i900 Omnia
       i907 Epix
       i910 Omnia
 › Samsung L series
 › Samsung M series
       M305 (DM-S105)
       M550 Exclaim
       M800 Instinct
 › Samsung R series
       R500 Hue
       R600 Hue II
 › Samsung T series
       T459 Gravity
       T539 Beat
       T729 Blast
       T739 Katalyst
       T919 Behold
 › Samsung U series
       U310 Knack
       U470 Juke
       U490 Trance
       U700 Gleam
       U750 Alias 2
       U810 Renown
       U900 FlipShot
       U940 Glyde
 › Samsung Z series
 › Sanyo Phones
       Katana Eclipse
       Katana LX
 › Sony PlayStation
       Portable (PSP)

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