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miniSD & SDHC
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Mini SD Memory Cards

A mini secure digital card, an extension of a regular secure digital (SD) card, is a mass storage device that can store all types of data securely without risk. You can also reuse a miniSD card without compromising the quality of your data files. Used in cell phones, cameras, camcorders and various other electronics, they generally use very little power, enabling you to use your device longer between charges. Each mini SD card is bundled with an adaptor that gives you the flexibility to use it for devices that would normally call for a standard-sized card.

Abacus24-7 sells a variety of mini secure digital cards with the capacity you require for your electronics. Whether you need a 1GB, 4GB or 2GB miniSD card, we have the quality products you're looking for at prices far below retail. Click on the photos to learn more about each miniSD memory card and the compatible devices. All products are tested and meet high quality standards-and come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Enjoy a flat shipping rate of $4.99 for your mini SD memory card and adapter purchase; as an added bonus, if your merchandise order totals $99 or more, we'll pay for shipping to anywhere in the U.S.! Your online purchase is completely safe and secure with Abacus24-7. We've been in business since 1999 and are members of the Better Business Bureau.

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