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Instructions for installing our remanufactured inkjet cartridges for the black and color ink cartridges for the
Dell All-In-One Printers: 924 (our research has found this printer model to be the only one with this issue, however you may need to take similar steps for the Dell All-In-One 922, 942, 944, 962, 964. Further information will be available soon).

Why do I need to do this? Newer printer manufacturer's have been adding their own chip to the printer cartridges that their printer can read. This feature is used to by your computer to better assess the quantity of ink remaining in the print cartridges. However, this feature is also a deterrent from 3rd party and remanufacturer's to produce compatible cartridges, and 3rd party companies cannot reset this chip for the printer to properly read. Essentially, remanufacturer's of ink cartridges are competing directly with original manufacturer's, and companies like the Dell Corporation has taken steps to prevent a fully functional ink cartridge to exactly match the originals.

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What does the chip on the printer cartridge do? The chip is read by your printer's software to determine the ink level left in the cartridge. When purchasing brand new cartridges from Dell, the chip is reset on every cartridge, showing a full ink level. For remanufactured cartridges, this chip is not reset by the manufacturer, and therefore, must be done by you, the user. Once you follow the 3 easy steps below, the ink cartridge will function correctly, and the ink levels will be read by your printer correctly.
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Will the ink cartridge I purchased from Abacus24-7 work correctly?
Yes. Unfortunately, your computer will have trouble reading a new ink cartridge that is not purchased directly from Dell as soon as it is installed. You, as a user must follow the steps below to install the printer cartridge and reset the chip. This does not mean that the cartridge is defective, malfunctioning or empty. By following the simple instructions below, you can bypass the Dell warnings and use your new ink cartridges. Once the steps are finished, your cartridge should work correctly, your ink levels should read correctly, and your prints will have the sharpness, brightness and quality you expect!
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My computer says the ink cartridge I just purchased is empty or not filled with ink. Is it? Without the Dell chip on the ink cartridge reset to read the ink level of the cartridge, your computer cannot determine any level of ink on these cartridges, and therefore will give a message saying that the cartridge is empty, or not full. This is incorrect, these cartridges are FILLED WITH THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF INK as the genuine Dell cartridges. Please read the instructions below to install your cartridges, reset the cartridge chip, and bypass these error messages.
Please see below

Dell's software will improperly read the ink level for your new remanufactured ink cartridge. The ink level may read as empty, or be less than 100% filled with ink. This is not the case. Your cartridge is filled with the exact same milliliters (mL) of ink as the genuine Dell cartridges, and will function normally with your printer See the instructions below to reset the printer chip for your new cartridge.
If you receive this page, DO NOT check the 'Complete-A-Print' box. If it is already checked, please uncheck it. This will avoid additional warnings regarding your remanufactured cartridges. In no way does this harm your printer or reduce the quality of your printer. You can always check this box at a later time.
As noted above, when receiving this page, also make sure that the 'Complete-A-Print' box is UNCHECKED. You may also check the 'Don't display this dialog again' to avoid this warning in the future.
Once completed, your ink cartridge is installed. The printer should be able to read the ink level of the cartridge the next time you open the printer status bar, or on the next restart of your computer.

With these ink cartridges as well as all the ink cartridges purchased from Abacus24-7, there is a 30 day risk-free buying policy, as well as a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on all items. If you have further questions regarding the above installation procedures, please contact us at 1-866-787-1223 or email us at esales@abacus24-7.com. For additional product information, visit our Help Center.