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1. Shipping Policies / Fees: If the shipping cost does not display on this shopping cart page, it is because you are not logged in to an existing account already created / or you are a new customer. Once you enter your shipping address into the next page (Billing & Shipping Information Page), your shipping charges will be calculated into the total of your order. Our shipping structure and fees are as follows:

If you are using PayPal or Google Checkout to pay for you order, you will use shipping information that you have created in either PayPal or
Google Checkout, and the same shipping costs will apply.

2. Sales Tax Fees: Only residents of the state of Arizona are charged sales tax of 8.30%. There is no sales tax for all other sates and Canada. If tax does not show on the Shopping Cart Page, it is because you are not signed in to your existing Abacus24-7 account, or you are a new customer. Sales tax is added if applicable when you have entered in your shipping and billing address on the next page (Billing & Shipping Information Page) or as your billing address specifies in PayPal or Google Checkout.

3. Site Security: Abacus24-7 is protected by C-O-M-O-D-O Group Security. All confidential information and secure checkout pages protected by HackerSAFE.

4. Guarantee Policy:

5. Using PayPal or Google Checkout for payments:
Instead of using Abacus24-7's Secure Checkout, you have the option to use PayPal or Google Checkout to complete your transaction. You can use your existing PayPal or Google Checkout account, or you have the option to create a new account with either service. To use PayPal or Google Checkout, simply go back to the Shopping Cart Page (click on the "My Cart" link on the top right of the page). Once there, choose either the PayPal button or the Google Checkout button which appear under the shopping cart contents, on the right side of the Shopping Cart page.

6. Contacting Us:
If you need further assistance, please call our toll-free Customer Service 24 Hours a Day at 1-866-787-1223, or email us at

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