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A/V Composite to 3RCA Cable: 6 ft

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A/V Composite to 3RCA Cable: 6 ft
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A/V 3.5mm (1/8") Cord to 3 RCA 6 Foot Black Cable
Camcorder connection : 3.5mm male
TV connection : triple Composite RCA
(video and L+R audio,Yellow,Red,White)
Oxygen Free Copper core
High-density double shielding for max rejection of EMI and RFI
0.650mm insulation made of polymers of vinyl/chloride (PVC).
2mm PVC jacket

Use this cable to connect your TV to most Mini DV and Digital 8 camcorders made by Canon, JVC, Samsung, Panasonic and Sharp. It will also work with some HI 8 camcorders and digital cameras, although most of the digital cameras can only put out Mono and not Stereo sound.

This cable will also work with iPod video, but you will need to plug the RCA ends in differently: Red plug to Yellow jack, Yellow plug to White jack, and White Plug to Red jack. It will NOT work with the Zen Vision:M.

Product Compatibility for:
A/V Composite to 3RCA Cable: 6 ft
 › Canon PowerShot S series
       S2 IS
       S3 IS
       S5 IS
 › Canon PowerShot SX series
       SX1 IS
       SX20 IS
       SX150 IS
 › Canon PowerShot TX series
 › Canon High-Definition camcorders
       VIXIA HF G10
       VIXIA HF M30
       VIXIA HF M31
       VIXIA HF M32
       VIXIA HF M40
       VIXIA HF M41
       VIXIA HF M300
       VIXIA HF M400
       VIXIA HF R10
       VIXIA HF R11
       VIXIA HF R20
       VIXIA HF R21
       VIXIA HF R100
       VIXIA HF R200
       VIXIA HF S10
       VIXIA HF S11
       VIXIA HF S20
       VIXIA HF S21
       VIXIA HF S30
       VIXIA HF S100
       VIXIA HF S200
       VIXIA HF10
       VIXIA HF11
       VIXIA HF20
       VIXIA HF21
       VIXIA HF100
       VIXIA HF200
       VIXIA HG10
       VIXIA HG20
       VIXIA HG21
       VIXIA HV20
       VIXIA HV30
       VIXIA HV40
       XH A1
       XH G1
 › Canon Flash Memory camcorders
 › Canon DVD camcorders
 › Canon MiniDV camcorders
       Elura 10
       Elura 100
       Elura 2
       Elura 20MC
       Elura 2MC
       Elura 40MC
       Elura 50
       Elura 60
       Elura 65
       Elura 70
       Elura 80
       Elura 85
       Elura 90
       Optura 10
       Optura 100MC
       Optura 20
       Optura 200MC
       Optura 30
       Optura 300
       Optura 40
       Optura 400
       Optura 50
       Optura 500
       Optura 60
       Optura Pi
       Optura Xi
 › JVC MiniDV camcorders
 › JVC Everio: Hybrid Camera
 › Panasonic MiniDV camcorders
 › Samsung MiniDV camcorders
 › Samsung DVD camcorders
 › Samsung Digital Memory camcorders
 › Sony Cyber-shot F series
 › Sony Cyber-shot H series
 › Sony Cyber-shot P series
 › Sony Cyber-shot R series
 › Sony Cyber-shot S series
 › Sony Cyber-shot V series
 › Sony Cyber-shot W series
 › Sony Mavica series
 › Sony MiniDV camcorders
 › Sony DVD camcorders

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